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Victorians are dying each year through misuse of prescribed opioids.

Orticare’s goal is to change this pattern through better access to addiction treatment.

Pharmacotherapy is recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective treatment for opioid dependence. It can save lives, reduce crime and prevent other drug-related health problems.


What's new

Consumers of Opioid Replacement Therapy:  research into lived experiences

Orticare Pharmacotherapy Network in partnership with Federation University Australia have produced the attached qualitative research report.

This qualitative study took place over 2017 and seeks to capture the voices of consumers from a rural and regional perspective – a perspective that is an important addition to the existing research literature.  The research participants’ feedback about their lived experiences of opioid replacement therapy was rich and informative, as evidenced in the report.

Federation University and Orticare are intending to take a number of further actions based on the recommendations in the report, including ways we can assist to address community stigma, improvements to local service systems and advocacy on broader systemic and policy matters.